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Certified By Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority

Yala National Park

Location Approximately 275 kms away from capitol Colombo
Enterance Gate ✦ Palatupana Enterance (Main Gate)
       25 Km from Tissamaharama town on Tissamaharama-Kirinda road.
    ✦ Kataragama Enterance
       32 Km from Tissamaharama town on Kataragama road.
       40 Km from Kataragama.
Park visiting hours 6 AM to 6 PM
Mode of safaris Only Jeep safaris
Best time of the day to visit the park 6 AM to 10 AM and 3 PM to 6 PM
Type of animals in the park Leopards, Elephants, Bears, Deer, Crocodiles, Reptiles and any verities of birds
Closest town to the park entrance Kirinda, Tissamaharama and Kataragama
Best months to visit the park Throughout the year. But June, July and August are the driest months and you can see many Leopards. IN the month of September Park will be closed
How to come Hired private car or van

Ruhuna National park or more affectionately known as Yala, has been the most celebrated wildlife park in Sri Lanka for over a century, along with its first self appointed Boer prisoner of war game warden H.E.Engelbrecht, quiet a story in itself. “Yalagama” as it was known at the turn of the century, was in effect the “Resident sportsman’s” shooting reserve! A wild country reserved for the “Sporting pleasure” of the British residents in Sri Lanka. It is located in a tract of land covering approximately 1260 km2, between Kumbukkan River & Menik River, and shares its borders with Yala strict nature reserve, Kumana, Kataragama, Katagamuwa and Nimalawa sanctuaries. The climate is semi-arid and dry with scrub jungle unique to this area along with rocky outcrops like kotigala, Jamburagala & Patalungala (Pattangala) strewn about the park, while several fresh and brackish water lagoons dot the park.

Yala block I
Today, of about 140 km2 in extent, is open for public viewing from 05:30 am to 06:30 pm after which you have to vacate the park, unless you have opted to stay in one of the camp sites or bungalows inside the park. The ideal time to explore this vast nature reserve would be during the break of dawn and the fall of dusk. Click here to book a Yala Safari Game drive.....

Yala block II
Is for the more adventurous as it involves several river crossings and a four wheel drive vehicle with all terrain driving capabilities to venture deep inside the wilderness, but you’ll also need backup vehicle to venture into Yala Block II, where you’ll encounter less disturbed wildlife but are very shy of noises and will beat a hasty retreat into the shades.

Animals in Yala
is an ideal place to spot the “big four” of Sri Lankan wildlife, the elephants, the sloth bear, the illusive leopard and the wild buffalo, the unsung denizen of the park, if nothing else dangerous to the extreme. The roaming elephant herds can be easily seen during dry spells at the small scale reservoirs like Butuwe (derived from the word “Wana Butewa”) and Mahaseelawa while Uraniya is best known for its aquatic avifauna, wild buffalo, mugger or mash crocodile & salt water crocodiles. The black sloth bear is more difficult to spot as it’s more of a solitary animal of nocturnal habits and sightings tend to be a seasonal occurrence. Read More about Animals in Yala...

Yala National Park